SCATCC Awards Program recognizes the following:

Commissioner Leadership honors an individual who has made significant contributions to promote the technical or community college concept.

Equity recognizes an exemplary commitment by a technical or community college governing board and its chief executive officer as a group or individual and chief executive officer to achieve equity in the college’s education programs and services and in the administration and delivery of those programs and services.

Chief Executive Officer recognizes the tremendous services of and contributions made by technical or community college chief executive officer. 

Faculty Member recognizes that the central purpose of our technical or community colleges are teaching and learning. This award is presented to say “thank you” to outstanding faculty members.    

Professional Board Staff Member is presented to a board staff member in recognition of exemplary service to a board.         

How to Nominate

In order for a nomination to be considered, all of the following items below must be included. The total length must not exceed six pages.

  • A cover letter from the board outlining board support.                                                        
  • Answer the questions under the “Criteria” section in the order listed. A response covering each question is required.
  • A nominee’s resume of no more than two pages may accompany the official nomination (not required); however a resume will be considered part of the six page total.
  • A narrative statement not exceeds 150 words that explain the nominee’s qualification and is suitable for use in SCATCC publicity materials.
  • A photo of the nominee should accompany each nomination.

How to Submit a Nomination

To submit a nomination for one of the five categories, a nomination form must be filled out in full, while making sure that all eligibility and criteria rules are met.  To request nomination information email

Click here to download the SCATCC Award Program Nomination PDF form.


The SCATCC Award Committee will select each SCATCC Award recipient. Recipients will be notified prior to the Annual Commissioners’ Academy so they can make arrangements to be present to accept their awards whenever possible.


Applications become available January 1 annually and are due March 1.
Nominations can be submitted to or mailed to the SCATCC office at 2711 Middleburg Drive.  All applications must be postmarked by March 1.



SCATCC Award recipients can automatically be nominated for the ACCT Award in the same category. The SCATCC Awards recipients wish to be the sole nominees of the following ACCT Awards:                                                                      

  • M. Dale Ensign Trustee Leadership                                                                           
  • Charles Kennedy Equity
  • Marie Y. Martin Chief Executive Officer
  • William H. Meardy Faculty Member
  • Professional Board Staff Member           

More information about the national awards can be found at


2023 Award Winners

Anita Zucker
Commissioner Leadership Award, Trident Technical College

Equity Award
Tri-County Technical College


Dr. Forest E. Mahan
CEO award, Aiken Technical College

Robbie Sharpe
Faculty Award, Midlands Technical College

Sally Cooke
Professional Board Staff, Piedmont Technical College

Past SCATCC Award Winners

Commissioner Leadership
2016-Paul Batson, Greenville Technical College
2017-Helen Rosemond-Saunders, Tri-County Technical College
2018-William “Ham” Hudson, Tri-County Technical College
2019-Dr. Yvonne Barnes, Trident Technical College
2020-John Powell, Tri-County Technical College
2021-General Art Brown, Technical College of the Lowcountry
2022-Garry Powers, Midlands Technical College

2016-Trident Technical College

2017-Trident Technical College
2018-Greenville Technical College
2019-Trident Technical College
2020-Trident Technical College
2021-Midlands Technical College
2022-Tri-County Technical College

2016-Michelle Yohannan, Tri-County Technical College
2017-Dr. Alan Grier, Midlands Technical College
2018-Sherry Yearty, Williamsburg Technical College
2019-Michael Hudson, Williamsburg Technical College
2020-Meredith Brown, Piedmont Technical College
2021-LaQuinta Yates, Trident Technical College
2022-Kevin Mitchell, Trident Technical College

Chief Executive Officer
2016-Dr. Keith Miller, Greenville Technical College
2017-Dr. Ronald Rhames, Midlands Technical College
2018-Dr. Mary Thornley, Trident Technical College
2019-Dr. Patti Lee, Williamsburg Technical College
2020-Dr. Marilyn Fore, Horry Georgetown Technical College
2021-Dr. Galen DeHay, Tri-County Technical College
2022-Dr. Willie L. Todd, Jr., Denmark Technical College

Professional Board Staff
2018-Kathy Brand, Tri-County Technical College
2019-Helen Sughrue, Trident Technical College
2021-Kim Boatwright, Midlands Technical College
2022-Michael Zanfardino, Midlands Technical College